Feel like refilling your favourite candle? This kit contains everything you need to refill a scented, soy wax container candle, ( you will need your own clothes peg).

The kit comes with a new wick and retainer, sufficient soy wax and a choice of scents.

We need to know the volume of the container (fill it with water and measure this in a jug), the height and diameter or width of the container

Complete instructions are included.


Price is based on a small candle  (upto 300ml), an additional charge is made for larger containers 

NB The Elegant candle is classed as a small candle

If you require  a container larger than 800ml you will need to order multiple refills eg 1000ml, order a large and a small  refill


Check prices in your basket 


Post and Packaging Included in Price. 

Candle Refill Kit