Your candle started off as an empty bottle which has been hand cut and ground. It’s filled with eco friendly rapeseed wax and the scent of your choice. We can even refill the candle for you when it's finished or order one of our candle refill kits and do it yourself, or just keep it as a jar or container.


These are probably the greenest candles you’ll ever own!


All of our products are individually hand crafted with repurposed and reclaimed materials and so there is variation and the product you buy will have no other product like it. If you would like a specific or unusual bottle used, please let us know.


They all burn between 48 and 72 hours depending on the size of the bottle and how well the wick is managed. 


Choose the scent you want added to your candle




Gift card can be included and Packaging and parcel courier cost included in price. 

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Cut Spirit Bottle Candles